[rfc-i] RSE and RAOC: developing consensus, episode 2

Olaf Kolkman olaf at NLnetLabs.nl
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It appears we are zooming in on consensus, but getting some of the details nailed down needs more text and as always details can be tricky.

Since we collectively deal easier with I-Ds documenting our thoughts, I've took the state as I believe it developed to in the thread called "RSE and RAOC: IAB state, developing consensus, and strawman." and created a draft out of it.


Comments on the content:

- When it comes to Section 2 (the text about the role of the RSE) the text is close to consensus, except again for a detail or two.

- I feel hesitant to call the RSE oversight section (section 3) a representation of consensus, but I've tried to make a proposal that describes where I believe we are heading. 

- The subsection of the oversight committee (now called RSOC) is where I have taken most liberties. The RSOC composition is  (intentionally) not specified to a great level of detail. That allows most flexibility. I have seen people argue either way and any 'consensus' on this issue will be rough.


My intention is that this document serves as the basis for RFC5620bis and for the creation of job descriptions. Since for multiple reasons we are a stressed for time, I would like to complete the description of what is either consensus or a decision very soon. 

I hope that by the end of the week it is clear that Section 2 is a more or less solid description of our current collective state of mind and that we can start developing a job description from it. After we reached convergence on section 3 the work on RFC5620bis can start (which I suspect will involve an cut and past with an editorial intelligence filter applied. So, while it is important that this draft gets the concepts and details correct it may have its editorial flaws, no need to correct nits unless they are substantive. )



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