[rfc-i] RSE and RAOC: IAB state, developing consensus, and strawman.

Olaf Kolkman olaf at NLnetLabs.nl
Tue Jan 25 05:52:21 PST 2011

>> The first assignment, documented in the SOW, is to develop a vision
>> for the RFC series that takes into account that:
> Sadly, I don't think this works.  We've had repeated comments that
> hiring people
> without clear lines of authority and accountability results in
> frustration, and this amounts
> to hiring someone without clear accountability.  It is a very tempting
> idea, but the way it is described sounds like a series of steps:
> 1) Develop connection to community (6-9 months)
> 2) Develop vision of what job entails (order of months?)
> 3) Do job.

Aha... I see what you read. Again this proves that communication is difficult.

With 'first assignment' I was more thinking in terms of importance than in terms of completion along a time line.

I think we can agree that one of the most important deliverables at the end of the (few year) term are the items i mentioned, correct?



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