[rfc-i] RSE role

John Levine johnl at taugh.com
Thu Jan 20 09:39:41 PST 2011

>On the other hand, I'd *also* appreciate an non-IETF point of view. I 
>think one of the problems the future RSE will have to address *will* be 
>publication formats, and for that it certainly is important not to start 
>with a "we always did it this way" attitude.

It's easy to underestimate both the amount of IETF-specific knowledge
and the amount of general publication knowledge a successful RSE
needs.  Based on prior discussions on topics like appropriate archival
document formats and options for bibliographic cataloging, I'd have to
say that the general level of publishing knowledge in the IETF is
pretty low.  (Having published four RFCs, several dozen books, and a
handful of journal articles, I probably know just enough about each to
be dangerous.)

The lack of publishing expertise is not surprising, since we're
network weenies, not standards publication weenies, but it suggests to
me that since we are awash in IETF and RFC lore, tradition, and
experience, it might well be easier for us to bring someone who knows
about publishing up to speed on the RFC process than the other way

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