[rfc-i] REOC membership

Glenn Kowack glenn at riveronce.com
Tue Jan 18 23:38:16 PST 2011

Recent discussions point toward the following specification of REOC (RFC Editor Oversight Committee) membership.

Four background items:
1) The IAB has been discussing constituting the REOC per their RFC Editor oversight role.
2) Some IAB members have indicted they do not want the membership of the REOC
	to be very tightly specified, if at all.
3) Some participants in the rfc-interest list recommend that the membership of the REOC
	be specified in RFC Editor Model (Version 2) and that a majority be representatives
	of the Streams.
4) The Overview originally mandated that REOC members be knowledgeable w/r/t technical
	writing and publications and/or experience at using RFC Editor services as an author
	or (draft) editor.

The gap (tightly defining REOC membership vs not defining it) may be bridged by providing
the IAB with broad guidelines for REOC membership.	By 'guidelines', I mean broad principles
and approaches that the IAB should follow if practical matters permit, and if superior
considerations do not conflict.

The IAB should follow these broad principles:
- REOC members must focus on the requirements of the Editor and how it can and should
	serve the community.
- The REOC is an expertise and experience-oriented committee.  It should be guided by
	professional expertise (in editorial and publications technique) expressed in line with
	community opinion and interest.

I recommend the following approach toward appointing REOC members:

- The IAB should appoint approximately 5-7 REOC members, with a balance of:
	- knowledge of and/or experience in editorial and publications matters,
	- experience at being customers of RFC Editor services as authors, editors, and past members of
		stream approver bodies, and
	- experience as direct users of RFCs.

- The IAB should avoid appointing:
	- current stream approver committee members, to allow focus and sufficient time to satisfy the
		requirements of REOC membership, and
	- standing members of the various other I* entities. Doing so is unnecessary and could make it
		more difficult for members to focus on Editor issues.

- REOC member terms should be staggered 2-year appointments.

The above approach aims to find a balance between the community's need to ensure appropriate structure of the REOC with the IABs need to for flexibility in establishing oversight of the RFC Editor.

thank you,

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