[rfc-i] New "well-known" abbreviations

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Tue Jan 18 10:28:08 PST 2011


We received the following recommendation regarding the abbreviations
list available here: 


Please note that we intend to update the "well-known" list as
indicated below unless there are any objections.

Thank you,

RFC Editor

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From: Adrian Farrel <Adrian.Farrel at huawei.com>
Subject: New "well-known" abbreviations
To: rfc-editor at rfc-editor.org


I think someone else may be kicking you about this at the moment, but I would
like to jump in with a few modest suggestions:


Present, but should be upgraded to "well-known"...

ASN.1 (I don't think it is ever used except as an acronym)
GUI (this is in my 2004 Webster's)
MD5 (like your note - typically not expanded)
PIM (this is now one of our core protocol suite. you can reference RFC4601)


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