[rfc-i] Alternate Proposal for RFC series management

Brian E Carpenter brian.e.carpenter at gmail.com
Fri Jan 7 13:22:29 PST 2011

Hi Paul,

On 2011-01-08 04:29, Paul Hoffman wrote:
> New body: RFC Series Oversight Committee (RSOC)

The name change from REOC seems good to me, even withing
Glenn's model.

>     One representative from each stream
>     Two selected by Nomcom with staggered terms

My original personal suggestion to Glenn was more or less
this. Although it's yet more work for Nomcom, I like the idea
of the committee being directly responsible to the community
rather than indirectly (via the IAB).

> New person: RFC Series Administrator (RSA)
>   Replaces the RFC 5620 "RSE"
>   Contractor who reports to RSOC
>     Takes direction from RSOC on new initiatives

But I see this as a problem. I think we need a stronger individual
responsibility. I'd perhaps suggest:
   RFC Series Executive Director (RSED)
      Works with RSOC on new initiatives


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