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On Fri, 7 Jan 2011, Paul Hoffman wrote:

> Greetings again. Andrew's questions about executive-level management helped me
> clarify some of my thoughts on why I prefer that management to be in the REOC
> instead of the RSE. Basically, even after reading Glenn's motivations
> document, we haven't seen any strong need to add the large amount of
> individual management that he has proposed so far.
> Given that, I have an alternate proposal, given as changes to RFC 5620. Even
> if only some pieces of this are adopted, I hope it helps move the discussion
> forwards. Comments and criticisms are welcome.
> --Paul Hoffman
> New body: RFC Series Oversight Committee (RSOC)
>   Responsible for overall series management and stability
>   Creates policy for the RFC series
>   Six members
>     One representative from each stream
>     Two selected by Nomcom with staggered terms
>   Gives significant input to IAOC on selection of RFC series contractors
>   Appeals of RSOC decisions go to the IAB
>   Takes input from the IAB on overall direction of RFC series
> New person: RFC Series Administrator (RSA)
>   Replaces the RFC 5620 "RSE"
>   Contractor who reports to RSOC
>     Takes direction from RSOC on new initiatives
>   Primary jobs of the RSA:
>     Acts as public face on RFC series
>     Leads discussions of proposed policy changes
>       Reports results to RSOC for decision
>     Edits RFC series documents
>       Style guide and production process guide
>       Explanations of the RFC series (new)
>     Makes rfc-editor.org web site more useful to different audiences
>     Handles errata system
>     Creates monthly public reports on Production Center and Publisher
>     Performs sampled reviews of Production Center processing of drafts
>     Mediates disputes between streams
>       Reports on dispute and results to RSOC and public
>     Mediates disputes between authors and Production Center
>       Reports on dispute and results to RSOC and public
>   Expected workload is 15 hours/week
> RSAG becomes advisors to both RSOC and RSA
> Alternative: RSOC does bidding and selection of RFC series contractors
>   Would first require buy-in from ISOC
>   Would then also require change to BCP 101
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