[rfc-i] Alternate Proposal for RFC series management

Paul Hoffman paul.hoffman at vpnc.org
Fri Jan 7 07:29:49 PST 2011

Greetings again. Andrew's questions about executive-level management 
helped me clarify some of my thoughts on why I prefer that management to 
be in the REOC instead of the RSE. Basically, even after reading Glenn's 
motivations document, we haven't seen any strong need to add the large 
amount of individual management that he has proposed so far.

Given that, I have an alternate proposal, given as changes to RFC 5620. 
Even if only some pieces of this are adopted, I hope it helps move the 
discussion forwards. Comments and criticisms are welcome.

--Paul Hoffman

New body: RFC Series Oversight Committee (RSOC)
   Responsible for overall series management and stability
   Creates policy for the RFC series
   Six members
     One representative from each stream
     Two selected by Nomcom with staggered terms
   Gives significant input to IAOC on selection of RFC series contractors
   Appeals of RSOC decisions go to the IAB
   Takes input from the IAB on overall direction of RFC series

New person: RFC Series Administrator (RSA)
   Replaces the RFC 5620 "RSE"
   Contractor who reports to RSOC
     Takes direction from RSOC on new initiatives
   Primary jobs of the RSA:
     Acts as public face on RFC series
     Leads discussions of proposed policy changes
       Reports results to RSOC for decision
     Edits RFC series documents
       Style guide and production process guide
       Explanations of the RFC series (new)
     Makes rfc-editor.org web site more useful to different audiences
     Handles errata system
     Creates monthly public reports on Production Center and Publisher
     Performs sampled reviews of Production Center processing of drafts
     Mediates disputes between streams
       Reports on dispute and results to RSOC and public
     Mediates disputes between authors and Production Center
       Reports on dispute and results to RSOC and public
   Expected workload is 15 hours/week

RSAG becomes advisors to both RSOC and RSA

Alternative: RSOC does bidding and selection of RFC series contractors
   Would first require buy-in from ISOC
   Would then also require change to BCP 101

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