[rfc-i] brief summary of the TRSE recommendations and motivations for today's IAB meeting

Glenn Kowack glenn at riveronce.com
Wed Jan 5 09:01:12 PST 2011

   I prepared this very brief summary of the TRSE recommendations and
motivations with input from Olaf Kolkman to help you decide about the
future of the Editor and the RSE. I hope you find it useful.


The recommended changes to RFC 5620 are small but have substantive

1) Scope of RFC Series Editor extended to cover the entire Editor
	- RSE responsible to community, has authority to get results, and
	- delegation of production to contractors continues unchanged.
	  (Note: RSE 'responsibility' in managerial sense: RSE ensures
	   work is done and well, but doesn't do the work himself.)

	Motivation: maintain harmony ("big picture") across: editorial policy,
	defined procedures, ongoing operations and performance, and
	character of series.  Continuing contractor delegation enables
	correct focus by all RFC Editor parts.

2) Long-term planning and evaluation done jointly with IAOC
	- esp. new bids (esp. SOW preparation) and their evaluation, and
	- "tie breaker" role by IAB, but only when unavoidable.

	Motivation: ensures proper application of different expertise by RSE
	and IAOC; aligns planning and operational responsibility; critical to
	attracting and retaining a qualified RSE.

3) Enhanced oversight provided by RFC Editor Oversight Committee (REOC):
	- "advise and consent" support for RSE,
	- REOC members have documentation background, expertise.
	- authority delegated by IAB, chartered responsibilities continue

	Motivation: ensures community leadership; permits focus, sufficient
	time and attention, applied expertise; ensures proper IAB leadership
	as required.

4) RSE skills and prior experience requirements a function of (1) above.
    Expertise in, and management experience with:
	- technical writing,
	- technical publications, and 
	- technical series development (evolution)

	Motivation: mirrors three major areas of activity where RSE expertise
	is required and cannot be easily acquired on the job.

Other considerations -- hiring process, transition, RSE orientation -- follow
from decisions about the future RSE.


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