[rfc-i] accessibility for the series, RE: Some questions on the model and the motivations

Ross Callon rcallon at juniper.net
Tue Jan 4 17:49:44 PST 2011

I am trying to get my head around this entire topic, and thought that I might ask about one small part of it (on the basis that a broad understanding starts with a simple step): 

>> 1.a) Suppose we would not be able to find an RSE. What would the effect
>> on the series and what would the community notice in weeks, months, and
>> years?
> - continuing limited accessibility for the series, in direct proportion
>   to how 'distant' the end-user is (that is, the extent to which they 
>   are not IETF 'insiders'), including some end-users not finding
>   the series at all,...

Let's suppose that we split the world into two parts:

 1. People who have Internet access and have heard of Google
 2. Everyone else

Doesn't everyone who is in the first group know how to find Internet Drafts, or any other paper on any subject, by simply Googling for it? I *used* to use the Internet Drafts index and/or search tools to find Internet Drafts. I have recently found that it is quicker and easier to find Internet Drafts by simply Googling the subject matter and/or title. 

Is there anyone under the age of 50 who falls into the second group? 

I don't understand this one particular point. 

Thanks, Ross

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