[rfc-i] Who decides on the contracts

Bob Hinden bob.hinden at gmail.com
Tue Jan 4 17:12:06 PST 2011


On Jan 4, 2011, at 4:50 PM, Ross Callon wrote:

>> The IAOC creates a subcommittee for RFPs that includes people with 
>> the expertise and stake holders.  It is not just IAOC members.  The
>> subcommittee would write the RFP, review and interview bidders, and 
>> make a recommendation to the IAOC.  The IAOC then makes a decision.  
>> The change I would make is to add the RSE to this subcommittee.  
>> This would insure that the RSE was directly involved in the process
>> and his/her concerns taken into account.  The decision would be made
>> by the IAOC and confirmed by the IAB.
>> Bob
> Would the RSE have one vote on the subcommittee, so that the rest of the subcommittee could override the RSE? (I understand that *if* the RSE and the subcommittee are all reasonable people, then it is relatively unlikely that the subcommittee will override a very strongly held opinion of the RSE). 

Past subcommittee have worked by consensus.  I would think that other members of the subcommittee would give weight to an RSEs arguments.  If there was a significant disagreement in the subcommittee it would be brought to the IAOC.  In this case, if the IAOC couldn't resolve it, it would bring it to the IAB.  Something similar happened with the selection of the TRSE.  That is, the IAOC asked for input from the IAB.


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