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Wed Feb 23 23:37:38 PST 2011

Dear Colleagues,

The 'RFC Editor' is the term used for the group of functions responsible for the publication of the RFC series. The Internet Architecture Board is responsible for oversight over the RFC Editor.

The IAB has been, in cooperation with the community and under guidance of a transitional RFC Series Editor leading an effort to evolve the structure of the RFC Editor as documented in RFC5620. The result of that effort is a clearer description of the role and responsibilities of the RFC Series Editor and a description on how the IAB's oversight is organized.

The consensus is documented in draft-kolkman-rse-2011[*] and calls for a committee of the IAB which implements that oversight for the IAB. That committee is the RFC Series Oversight Committee (RSOC, see details below) and the IAB is currently seeking candidates to appoint in that committee.

First task of the committee will be to assist the IAB in the hiring of a RFC Series Editor.

The IAB is looking towards the RFC-Interest list to provide one or more nominations. Candidates should be willing and able to spend about 1-2 days per week in the period shortly after their appointment and most probably less than half a day per week on the long term.

The IAB will make appointments taking into account the requirements from section 3.1 of raft-kolkman-rse-2011, terms are expected to be between a half a year to a few years, so that a reasonable turn of membership can be established.

Based on the skills and profiles of the members in the candidate pool the IAB will decide how many members to appoint to the committee.

Please provide your nominations with motivation to iab at iab.org before March 7 Appointment is expected to take place before the prague IETF.

While nominations will not be announced the fact that somebody was nominated will not be treated as confidential. CVs, personal motivations, etc will be kept within the IAB.

For the IAB,

--Olaf Kolkman

[*] currently version 03. draft-kolkman-rse-2011 will form the basis for RFC5620bis, a Statement of work for the RFC Series Editor, and a call for candidates

3.  RSE oversight

  The IAB is responsible for oversight over the RFC Series.

  In order to provide continuity over periods longer than the nomcom
  appointment cycle and assure that oversight is informed through
  subject matter experts the IAB will establish a group that implements
  oversight for the IAB, the RFC Series Oversight Committee (RSOC).

  The RSOC will act with authority delegated from the IAB: In general
  it will be the RSOC that will approve consensus policy and vision
  documents as developed by the RSE in collaboration with the

  In those general cases the IAB is ultimately responsible for
  oversight and acts as a body for appeal and resolution.

  For all aspects that affect the RSE itself (e.g. hiring and firing)
  the RSOC prepares recommendations for the IAB but final decision is
  the responsibility of the IAB.  For instance the RSOC would:

  o  perform annual reviews of the RSE and reports to the IAB.

  o  manage RSE candidate selection and advises the IAB on candidate
     appointment (in other words select the RSE, subject to IAB

  It is expected that such oversight by the IAB is a matter of due
  diligence and that the reports and recommendations from the RSOC are
  approached as if they are binding.

  RSOC as a body should abstain from direct participation in policy-
  making or formation of policy-making committees, which would conflict
  with RSOC's oversight role.  If individual members of RSOC
  participate in policy-making, they should be aware of possible
  conflict with their RSOC role and should be prepared to recuse
  themselves from subsequent RSOC decisions if appropriate.

  There is one aspect in which the RSOC will work with the IASA: the
  renumeration of the RSE itself.  The RSOC will propose a budget for
  approval to the IASA.

  The RSOC will be responsible to ensure that the RFC Series is run in
  a transparent and accountable manner.

  The RSOC shall develop and publish its own rules of order.

3.1.  RSOC composition

  The RSOC will operate as a Program of the IAB, with the IAB retaining
  final responsibility.  The IAB will delegate authority and
  responsibility to the RSOC as appropriate and as RSOC and RSE
  relationships evolve.  Like other IAB Programs, the RSOC will include
  people who are not current IAB members.  The IAB will designate the
  membership of the RSOC with the goals of preserving effective
  stability, keeping it small enough to be effective, but large enough
  to provide general Internet Community expertise, specific IETF
  expertise, Publication expertise, and stream expertise.  Members
  serve at the pleasure of the IAB and are expected to bring a balance
  between short and long term perspective.  Specific input about, and
  recommendations of, members will be sought from the streams, the
  IASA, and the RSE.

  The RSE and a person designated to represent the IASA will serve as
  ex-officio members of the RSOC but either or both can be excluded
  from its discussions if necessary.

The Internet Architecture Board
iab-chair at iab.org

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