[rfc-i] FYI sub-series and RFC 1150 - proposal to update

Susan Harris srh at umich.edu
Mon Apr 25 12:44:32 PDT 2011

Greetings Mykyta - I've marked a few (very) minor nits with XX below:

>> Abstract
>>    This document concludes the For Your Information (FYI) sub-series of 
>> RFCs, established by RFC 1150 and
>>    used by the IETF User Services Area, which no longer exists.  The IESG 
>> does not
>>    intend to make any further additions to this sub-series; this document 
>> is to have a permanent record of this decision.

XX ^^^^^^^^^ serves as a permanent ...


>> 1. Background
>>    The For Your Information (FYI) sub-series of RFCs was established by RFC 
>> 1150
>>    [RFC1150] in 1990 and was used by IETF User Services Area, which has not
XX                                   by the

>> met
>>    since IETF 53, held in March 2001.  This sub-series was designed to 
>> provide
>>    Internet users with a central repository of information that concerns 
>> Internet and
XX ^^^^^^^^
    the Internet


>>    The first FYI was RFC 1150 [RFC1150], that introduced this sub-series.

XX    The first FYI, RFC 1150 [RFC1150], introduced this sub-series.

>> The
>>    last FYI was RFC 4949 [RFC4949], published in August 2007.  Totally, 38
XX                                                                In total,

>> FYI
>>    numbers have been assigned.
>> 2. Conclusion of FYI Sub-series
>>    The IESG does not intend to make any further additions to the FYI 
>> sub-series.
>>    The IESG intends to publish Informational RFCs, but none of them will be
>> assigned
>>     the FYI number.
XX     an

>>    All published RFCs which currently are a part of FYI sub-series retain
XX                                                   the

>> their FYI number;
>>    it still provides the reference point to such document and should be 
>> used in its citations.
>>    If a future RFC is published that obsoletes an existing member of FYI 
>> sub-series,
XX the sub-series,

>>    such new RFC will not be assigned a FYI number.
XX    ^^^^
       omit 'such' and use 'the new RFC will ...''


-- Hopefully these make sense--Susan

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