[rfc-i] FYI sub-series and RFC 1150 - proposal to update

Mykyta Yevstifeyev evnikita2 at gmail.com
Fri Apr 22 06:51:18 PDT 2011

Hello Russ, Peter,
> Russ,
> [ . . . ]
> >/  The IESG is the stream approver for the IETF stream.
> />/
> />/  The FYI designation was created for a portion of what is now known as the IETF stream.
> /
> And even more thanks for this.  RFC 1150 must clearly be read in a
> way that the FYI "sub series" (which, different from the others,
> is just an additional label for Informational documents) is
> owned by the IETF.  What would be a helpful way to document both
> this as well as the decision to not expand this series is an
> Informational RFC by the IESG "Conclusion of the FYI document series",
> obsoleting RFC 1150, revoking all the FYI numbers with a list of these
> documents in the appendix an summary of this and, more importantly, the
> IESG discussion.  If the series is dead, let's please bury it.
I'd like to support such proposal. I wanted to suggest this before, but 
Peter outran me :-) However this will create the following incident: 
such RFC obsoletes FYI 1 and, according to the longstanding  practice, 
should receive this number (FYI 1) whereas the whole sub-series is 

But, nevertheless, such document is obviously needed, I think.  Let's 
also wait for IESG yesterday's teleconference minutes to see the 
distinctive scene of what was decided.

Mykyta Yevstifeyev
> -Peter

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