[rfc-i] FYI sub-series and RFC 1150 - proposal to update

Peter Koch pk at DENIC.DE
Thu Apr 21 13:34:52 PDT 2011


> > At 13:39 20-04-2011, Olaf Kolkman wrote:
> >> The most recent FYI was published in August 2007 ( RFC 4949 (FYI 36) ) it was submitted as an independent submission.

this case is interesting for the historical record, but unless there was
communication to the contrary I'd say that an oversight does not establish

On Thu, Apr 21, 2011 at 03:21:52PM -0400, Russ Housley wrote:

> Indeed, but we do not intend to assign an FYI number in the future.

Thank you for clarifying this.

> The IESG is the stream approver for the IETF stream.
> The FYI designation was created for a portion of what is now known as the IETF stream.

And even more thanks for this.  RFC 1150 must clearly be read in a
way that the FYI "sub series" (which, different from the others,
is just an additional label for Informational documents) is
owned by the IETF.  What would be a helpful way to document both
this as well as the decision to not expand this series is an
Informational RFC by the IESG "Conclusion of the FYI document series",
obsoleting RFC 1150, revoking all the FYI numbers with a list of these
documents in the appendix an summary of this and, more importantly, the
IESG discussion.  If the series is dead, let's please bury it.


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