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vincent Clair vincent.clair at hotmail.fr
Mon Sep 27 07:37:37 PDT 2010

I made a client in Zend Framework on a server with Dovecot. But i have strange responses from sometimes, when i fetch specific messages parts. I analyse RFC3501 again and again, but i'm not sure what is true :
If i query like this
    C: 6 FETCH 19 (BODY.PEEK[1])
Which response is correct ?    (a.) S: * 4827313 FETCH (BODY[1]    (b.) S: * 4827313 FETCH (BODY.PEEK[1]
If I read the rfc, body.peek is not listed in responses of a fetch. But Zend Framework look only for the same full id "BODY.PEEK[1]". If this is answer b., Dovecot 1.2 has a bug. Else if this answer a. i must provide a fix to Zend framework.
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