[rfc-i] ebooks (or pagination considered harmful)

Julian Reschke julian.reschke at gmx.de
Sat Nov 20 11:50:50 PST 2010

On 20.11.2010 20:21, Brian E Carpenter wrote:
> There's a built-in conflict here. Page numbers were invented
> for a reason: so that I can refer to the 9th line of text
> (excluding the header) on page 5 of RFC 2223.

Are people doing this in practice?

What I see is people quoting a certain section number, maybe including a 
specific paragraph.

> If documents are repaginated, this breaks and can't be fixed.
> It also breaks the table of contents in every RFC.

Assuming the TOC uses page numbers.

> I've had no real problem dealing with RFCs whose pagination doesn't
> match my screen windows. Why should ebook technology be special?
> It's just a lame single-window device.

Try reading a pre-paginated RFC on 5 or 7 inch screen.

> What does the ebook world in general do about this problem that it
> has created?

Not sure. My understanding is that the displayed page numbers depend on 
the device's display size, and that a TOC automatically gets adjusted.

Best regards, Julian

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