[rfc-i] Term for RSE

Ted Hardie ted.ietf at gmail.com
Thu Nov 18 16:45:12 PST 2010

One issue I discussed with Glenn in Beijing that I feel needs a bit
more discussion
is the length of the term for the RSE.  For both the "Narrow" and the "Broad"
interpretations of the role, it seems to me that 5 years is too long.  Note that
the term for Lynn St. Amour as President of ISOC is done in 3 year contracts,
not 5, and the IAD seems to have no set contract term laid out by RFC (at
least I did not find it in RFC 4333 or the IASA site).  Glenn noted in
his plenary
presentation that the "RSE serves at the pleasure of the IAB", but how that
is reconciled with a 5 year term is tricky.  If it means the IAB can
fire the RSE
at will, then I suggest we say so and eliminate the term; if the IAB
must coordinate
with the RSAG or otherwise get community input, I think we have to say
that whatever term is assigned will almost always be served out (this community
having real trouble firing anybody).  That argues to me to dropping the term
length to something like 2 years with renewals up to 5 without a new search

Note that someone would have to serve 3 consecutive terms on the IAB
to be there for both the beginning and end of a 5 year term; that makes
effective oversight a bit tough.



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