[rfc-i] Requested follow-up from last night's plenary

Bob Braden braden at isi.edu
Tue Nov 9 11:51:07 PST 2010

On 11/8/2010 5:03 PM, Brian E Carpenter wrote:

> I agree that it's a significant change, from a wishy-washy job to
> a well-defined managerial job. One of my complaints at the previous
> model, and one of the deep reasons (I suspect) why the previous search
> for an RSE failed, is that the previous model created a highly visible
> position with plenty of responsibility (i.e. a target for rotten fruit
> when things go wrong) but *without* the authority needed to exercise
> that responsibility. That's a very fundamental mistake in organisational
> design that, frankly, the IAB got wrong.


Bob Braden

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