[rfc-i] Independent Stream "inside" the RFC Editor

Dave CROCKER dhc2 at dcrocker.net
Sat Nov 6 19:15:25 PDT 2010


The current proposal faithfully perpetuates the RFC 5620 model that declares the 
Independent Stream as being "inside" the RFC Editor, yet is "independent".

To me this is a perfect non-sequitor.

I cannot discern any functional reality or any conceptual benefit in claiming 
that the ISE is part of the RFC Editor.  The new diagram makes the oddness of 
this quite visible, with the peculiar path the dotted line has to take, to 
include the ISE.

The Independent Stream indeed needs to be independent.  So let's make it a clean 
and separate arrangement:  Itshould have the same status as any other stream.(*)

The stated concept that the ISE needs a "home" does not have any obvious meaning 
to me.  Perhaps someone can explain it?


(*) The stream needs a particularly good working relationship with the RFC 
Editor (and, therefore, the RSE), especially since the stream has been known to 
come under criticism from one or another stream...  But this does not mean that 
the ISE should be "inside" the RFC Editor.

   Dave Crocker
   Brandenburg InternetWorking

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