[rfc-i] RFC Editor output this year (so far)

Alfred Hönes ah at TR-Sys.de
Tue Nov 2 10:45:04 PDT 2010

the monthly RFC Editor statistics for October 2010 are out
  <http://www.RFC-Editor.ORG/queue-stats/queue-October-2010.html> ,
and they show a remarkable figure: 46 RFCs published last month.

Summing up all the figures for this year (to a total of 340 RFCs), it
becomes apparent that RFC publication this year already has exceeded
the third- and second highest _annual_ publication rates ever reached
(i.e. 320 and 327, see <http://www.RFC-Editor.ORG/num_rfc_year.html>).

The exceptional high-water mark seen for 2006 (459 RFCs) is out of
reach, however.  Note that I say "high-water mark", not "record" :
As experience has shown, such outstanding efforts almost inevitably
have some negative impact on the quality of the work; therefore,
I wouldn't regard it as a very desirable goal to ever exceed that
mark.  ;-)

Note that these figures exclude the ~35 "Early" RFCs for which .txt
versions have also been made available for the first time in January
and early February, in addition to the facsimile .pdf versions that
already were present in the RFC repository -- a best effort
completion of the RFC Online project!

I'd like to emphasize my personal impression that the figures above
have proven that RFC Editor staff and the backing IAOC and IAD have
successfully managed a graceful transition to the new RFC Production
Center and RFC Publisher contractor.
Thanks to all who contributed to this success!

Maybe it's time now to announce the successful completion of that
transition in the RFC Editor News page as well -- looking there,
readers currently could be mislead to the transition being stuck
or still in progress.   :-)

Kind regards,
  Alfred Hönes.


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