[rfc-i] Copyrights and the IRTF and Independent Stream

Olaf Kolkman olaf at NLnetLabs.nl
Thu Sep 17 04:47:38 PDT 2009

On Sep 1, 2009, at 4:36 AM, Leslie Daigle wrote:

> T0:  I-D version -00 is submitted to the drafts repository
> Ts:  I-D is accepted for consideration in a stream approval process
> Ta:  I-D is approved for publication
> Tp:  I-D is published as an RFC

> So, I think the copyright at T0 should be independent of stream;  that
> there need to be enough valid copyright notices available at T0 to  
> cover
> all streams (though they don't have to be tied to streams); and that  
> as
> documents get considered in a stream (Ts), they could be respun with
> appropriate copyright for the stream (and possibly several  
> iterations of
> that, if the document changes streams).

Taken the braden draft as the requirement from the stream:

I believe that a document published at T0 with a unlimited derivative  
license then I believe it can be changed to the more restrictive  
version at any time between Ts and Tp.

I also believe that an author can widen the authority at any stage  
between T0 and Tp if the stream policy allows (not for IETF stream).

Obviously the version published at T0 could be taken and copied by 3rd  
parties, the final product, the actual standard would be restricted to  
IETF rights. I think that those who want to work within the IETF  
should be as conservative as possible and not grand unlimited  
derivative rights.

I believe for the no-derivative variety things need to change at a  
point where a document becomes a WG item (somewhere around Ts) I  
believe that is current practice.

I am afraid this note is a bit to dense.



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