[rfc-i] Last Call on draft-braden-independent-submission-00.txt

SM sm at resistor.net
Tue Sep 15 17:21:39 PDT 2009

At 11:01 14-09-2009, Bob Braden wrote:
>Now, it is very easy to get lost in many Twisty Little Passages on this
>topic, and we did repeatedly. At the last IETF meeting, there were
>numerous meetings and hallway discussions. Members of the RFC Editor
>staff and of the RFC Editorial Board participated in many of these
>discussions. The IAB Chair finally led us towards light, saying "it is
>really very simple..."

This is an elegant hack.

I read draft-braden-independent-submission-01.  I support the 
publication of the document as it provides a workable solution to 
address the copyright issue for the Independent Stream.


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