[rfc-i] Copyrights and the IRTF and Independent Stream

Bob Braden braden at ISI.EDU
Tue Sep 15 09:36:18 PDT 2009

Leslie Daigle wrote:
> While I can infer one or several implications from the nicely detailed 
> message below, I find I walk away without an understanding of:  what is 
> the desired usage of Independent (or IRTF or IAB) RFCs; what is the 
> *undesired* usage of them?  I.e., absent a clear target, it seems hard 
> to really evaluate an appropriate copyright vehicle (whether it's driven 
> by or for the Trust or not).
> In the case of the IETF stream, it's quite clear -- open usage of the 
> RFCs, and no right to end-run the IETF process.   Is there as clear a 
> sentiment in Independent, IAB or IRTF streams?  If yes, is it the IETF 
> process (only) that should not be end-run, or also the stream's?
> Leslie.

The term "end run" has meaning only in the context of the IETF standards 
process, and hence only in the case of the IETF Stream (and maybe the 
IAB Stream, although that seems like an odd case).

Bob Braden

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