[rfc-i] whos's in charge, was Copyright and the Independent Stream

Joe Touch touch at ISI.EDU
Sun Sep 13 12:24:56 PDT 2009

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John Levine wrote:
>> The lawyers made the decision without community consensus. The *lawyers*
>> are the ones who need to decide that they can live with the old rules
>> until the new ones are in place.
>> Community consensus won't overturn lawyers.
> If it's true that the IETF or the Trust has delegated its decision
> making process to its lawyers, that's very dismaying to hear.
> The old rules couldn't have been that bad; if they were there would
> have been lots of expensive lawsuits.  Unless I'm missing something,
> there haven't even been any inexpensive lawsuits.  Perhaps it's time
> for our leadership to lead.

Whether there were actually lawyers involved, or various "leaders"
trying to overthink what laywers would do or want, I agree.

We need action. It'd be great if that came from leadership. If not, then
perhaps the rest of us need to consider whether the independent stream
has been rendered deceased by the current actions, and consider
alternatives (including publishing them as tech reports through our
individual organizations).

Yes, this would undermine the independent stream, but IMO not more than
the current 9+ month delay has *already* accomplished.

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