[rfc-i] RFC Editor Stream Production

Jim Schaad ietf at augustcellars.com
Tue Sep 1 14:21:18 PDT 2009

The following seems to be absent from RFC 5620, it may be purposeful or
accidental, but I don't remember ever seeing any discussion on it.

I was reading RFC 4846 for other reasons and I read the following 

In all cases, the ultimate decision to publish or not publish, and with what
text, rests with the RFC Editor.

In the case of 4846 - a simple substitution of ISE for the RFC Editor is all
that is needed.  However the question came up in my mind.  Is there an RFC
Editor Submission/Approval stream that is independent of the ISE stream?
Can the RFC Series Editor publish or cause to be published a document that
is not approved by one of the 4 existing stream approvers?

Looking at 4846 - the current text says that a request for review goes to
the IAB from the (now) ISE in the case of a denial of publication.  In the
new model is this still a true statement?  Or is the review process ISE ->
RFC Series Editor -> IAB?


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