[rfc-i] [Ietf-honest] Censored to protect the innocent was On people "notwanting to receive email"

Wes Beebee (wbeebee) wbeebee at cisco.com
Mon Nov 30 09:35:26 PST 2009

Every large organization has problems with accountability and
transparency - that's just the nature of large groups of people trying
to get something done - and, despite the open mailing lists, the IETF is
no exception.  Despite that ietf-honest has a particularly low signal to
noise ratio (not unlike the IETF lists it's derived from), it serves a
useful purpose - to provide a check and balance against the standard
IETF lists in an attempt to improve accountability and transparency.
That is why I proudly continue to subscribe to this list.
- Wes


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I understand now what is going on ... a revolt from those who are

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On Sun, Nov 29, 2009 at 8:13 PM, <censored> wrote:

	No, because if you unsubscribe, and you are someone whom Dean
	considers to be "an IETF official", you are forcibly
resubscribed to
	the list, against your wishes.  That makes it unwanted e-mail,
	that makes it SPAM.

Makes complete sense to me. He's holding you accountable. He's being
very fair minded. Unlike the no so fair minded officials who have turned
the ietf into a scam - but hey - thats only one mans opinion.

I am a member of the ietf and I support Deans efforts toward a framework
of accountability and honesty.

God bless him :)

joe baptista

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