[rfc-i] RFC Editor Function @ISI

Bob Braden braden at ISI.EDU
Mon Mar 30 12:49:31 PDT 2009

Danny McPherson wrote:
> Sandy,
> Quick question on your January 2009 report "The RFC
> Editor Function at ISI".  First, thanks for sharing it,
> I found it quite useful in trying to become [better]
> versed in this subject.
> At the end of S 4.1 you mention that you do not have
> evidence to support the increasing page length over time.
> Was there some larger issue here, or were you simply
> calling out that you didn't go back more than a couple
> years with the analysis?

The increasing page count with time was imposed upon us by the RFP, and 
we therefore used it in our cost estimates.  However, the fact is that 
the average page count per RFC has remained remarkably close to 30 over 
at least the past 20 years. (A fact that we told the IAOC about, but 
they chose to ignore).

Thanks for the careful proof-reading.

Bob Braden

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