[rfc-i] RFC Editor Function @ISI

Danny McPherson danny at tcb.net
Mon Mar 30 12:24:12 PDT 2009

Quick question on your January 2009 report "The RFC
Editor Function at ISI".  First, thanks for sharing it,
I found it quite useful in trying to become [better]
versed in this subject.

At the end of S 4.1 you mention that you do not have
evidence to support the increasing page length over time.
Was there some larger issue here, or were you simply
calling out that you didn't go back more than a couple
years with the analysis?

Not sure what future life this document might have, but
here are a few nits in the event that you ever update

S 3.2.

s/of the cluster to they/of the cluster so they/

S 4.3.

s/2008 Edit FTE/[2008 editorial FTE|2008 eFTE]/

s/and pages sizes/and page sizes/

S 5.1.

Under "Improved Transparency", last sub-bullet, it's
mentioned that weekly reports are provided to the "IETF
and IAB chairs".  I think that should be "IETF chair and
IAB", or perhaps "IESG and IAB", as I know the entire IAB
receives the weekly reports currently.

S 5.2.

"A - Responsible Editor"

s/the individual working/the individual editor working/

"H - Errata Portal"

s/able submit erratum/able to submit an erratum/
s/will be valid/will be validated/


Otherwise, thanks much, it was quite useful for me!


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