[rfc-i] headers and boilerplates last minute proposal

Olaf Kolkman olaf at NLnetLabs.nl
Fri Mar 6 05:15:26 PST 2009


During our most recent IAB call it was suggested that a new paragraph  
is introduced as the next-to-last paragraph of the Introduction (i.e.,  
after the one that starts "This memo identifies..." and before the one  
that starts "The changes introduced...") that says:

	<t>Despite the apparent specificity of many of the
	provisions of this document, final responsibility for
	determining precise wording and placement of text, page
	layouts, etc., remain with the RFC Editor as part of the
	principle that it is responsible for specifying the
	general style of the RFC Series.  Subject to general
	oversight and review by the IAB, the only exception to
	that principle is specific text that the Trustees of the
	IETF Trust, on advice of Counsel, determine must have
	specific wording or placement.  If such specific
	requirements exist, the Trustees are responsible for
	informing the RFC Editor, and notifying the community,
	about them.</t>

The intend of that paragraph is to allow the RFC Editor to make  
certain decisions that fall within its purview of maintaining the  
look, feel, and style of the document series. Although, IMHO, this is  
in the spirit of the document, it is a substantive change that I want  
to make the community aware off.

Version 08 will be submitted to the repository before the I-D cut-off  
and that I-D will be submitted to the RFC editor mid next week.

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