[rfc-i] RFC Editor Model: RSE Responsibilities

Olaf Kolkman olaf at NLnetLabs.nl
Wed Jan 21 13:46:33 PST 2009

Replying to the list but quoting John, since he, as often, eloquently  
identifies the question:

> Independent of what particular words are chosen, the question of
> whether the RSE gets authority to go with whatever
> responsibilities we try to heap on the job has been one of the
> ambiguities (or deficiencies) in the "Model" all along.
> Personally, I don't care very much about the words, but I
> believe that relationship has to be absolutely clear in both the
> Model and in any RFIs/ RFPs that go out.

I think that everybody agrees that the RSE has a role in coordinating,  
identifying the issues where the noses need to be set in the same  
direction and then call upon the actors to make progress to that  
direction. The main question is in the ultimate control the RSE has  
doing this: can she hire or fire?

My approach route in this, and I think various others too, has been:
        - No authority to hire and fire.

The reason for that is twofold:
- Hire and fire are not part of "our" culture. We have structures in  
   so that decisions are made by appealable bodies. We tend not to  
   "hire and fire" power in one single person.
- It is the IAOC that 'owns' the contracts. The IAOC should make the  
decisions to hire
   and fire, where applicable, under advisement of the IAB. The reason  
for involving the
   IAB is that the IAB is ultimately responsible for the Series (not  
the RSE), and is
   an appealable body.

Besides, in all practical cases the recommendation from the RSE to  
hire, or more importantly fire, would be very hard to ignore.

I would be perfectly happy to add a sentence to the model that  
explicitly says that the RSE has no authority to hire and fire.


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