[rfc-i] RFC Editor Model: RSE Responsibilities

Russ Housley housley at vigilsec.com
Tue Jan 20 07:33:48 PST 2009

> >> contracts from the IASA/IAOC/IAD. But I believe the series Editor needs
> >> to be be empowered to do more than 'coordinate' the implementation of
> >> production and publishing. He or she needs to be in a position 
> of  authority.
> >> ("You didn't apply Rule 37 to this RFC. Why not? Please fix it!")  That
> >> authority can be delegated from the IAD, of course. But IMHO the Editor
> >> should be *in* the management chain, not off to one side attempting to
> >> 'coordinate' it with a long stick.
> >>
> >> s/Coordinates/Oversees/ would be enough to fix this at the level of
> >> the model.
> >
> > Let me stress that my intention is to comprehensively word just what
> > you sketch below. I came up with the word coordinate as it suggest a
> > more active role (feet in the mud) while IMHO oversee takes more
> > distance. I think there is a huge overlap between oversee and
> > coordinate in this context.
>I agree with Brian that "coordinate" is not the right word, though I
>don't think "oversee" is it either.  I think the RSE needs to actively
>manage the implementation of production and publishing.  I think the
>word we want to describe it is in fact "manage".   From 
>   :
>     1: to handle or direct with a degree of skill: as a: to make and
>keep compliant <can't manage their child> b: to treat with care :
>husband <managed his resources carefully> c: to exercise executive,
>administrative, and supervisory direction of <manage a business>
><manage a bond issue> <manage a baseball team>

This does not seem like the right word to me given the other text 
that was added:

! In this model the RFC Series Editor will coordinate many of the 
activities of the
! RFC Publisher and the RFC Production Center (which can be seen as
! back office functions) and will be the entity that faces the community, and
! works with the IAB and IAOC for procedural and contractual responsibilities
! respectively while those entities maintain their chartered responsibility.

I suspect that "coordinate" is used in both places to show 
linkage.  So, the RFC Series Editor is the executive in charge of the 
RFC Publisher and the RFC Production Center, but there may be 
managers and supervisors in the chain between.

Does "organize" capture this distinction?


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