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Olaf Kolkman olaf at NLnetLabs.nl
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On Jan 12, 2009, at 4:43 PM, John C Klensin wrote:

>  It is not clear to me that we have ever formally abolished FYI
> RFCs at the BCP level.

Latest I could find was FYI0036 published in 2007.

> We just stopped creating new ones.  If
> that impression is correct, the IAB should either move to
> formally get rid of them now  or they should be at least
> minimally reflected in this document and the RFC Editor Model
> one.    I don't think the relevant text should be significantly
> different from the Informational text --in some sense, FYIs are
> just a special case of Informational -- but ignoring them is the
> sort of thing that gets us into trouble when we least expect it.

In all honesty I cannot come up with a text that is a) significantly  
different and b) does not turn the whole paragraph into a  
incomprehensible set of conditionals, so I prefer to hang on to text  
for "Informational".

Also, and more to the point that we should not obsolete the FYI series  
by simply forgetting to write about it: the existence of FYIs is  
recognized as a sub series in section 3.1 that relates to the  
information in the 1st page header (page 4 of version 4 of the id):

    <subseries ID> <subseries number>  Some document categories are also
       labeled as a subseries of RFCs.  These elements appear as
       appropriate for such categories, indicating the subseries and the
       documents number within that series.  Currently, there are
       subseries for BCPs [RFC2026], STDs[RFC1311], and FYIs [RFC1150].
       These subseries numbers may appear in several RFCs.  For example,
       when a new RFC obsoletes or updates an old one, the same  
       number is used.  Also, several RFCs may be assigned the same
       subseries number: a single STD, for example, may be composed of
       several RFCs, each of which will bear the same STD number.  This
       element is unchanged.

Thanks for the reminder... I had to doublecheck :-)


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