[rfc-i] [tlp-interest] Announcement of the new Trust Legal Provisions (TLP 4.0)

Julian Reschke julian.reschke at gmx.de
Tue Dec 29 12:29:59 PST 2009

Marshall Eubanks wrote:
> Season's Greetings!
> This message is to announce that the IETF Trustees have adopted
> on a new version of the Trust Legal Provisions (TLP), to be effective 28
> December, 2009. The Grace period for old-boilerplate will begin on that 
> date,
> and last through 1 February, 2010.
> The new document updating the Trust Legal Provisions is available in PDF 
> and HTML formats from
> http://trustee.ietf.org/policyandprocedures.html
> and the PDF version is available directly at
> http://trustee.ietf.org/docs/IETF-Trust-License-Policy.pdf .
> ...

OK; trying to figure out what boilerplate changes are asked for:

1) In "Status Of This Memo" remove the "to IETF" from "This 
Internet-Draft is submitted to IETF in full conformance with the 
provisions of BCP 78 and BCP 79."

2) In "Copyright", replace "...as described in the BSD License." by 
"...as described in the Simplified BSD License." (inserting "Simplified")

3) In "Copyright", produce the sentence starting with "Code 
components..." only for IETF stream documents, not for Alternate stream 
documents (independent, IAB, IRTF).

Is this correct?

Best regards, Julian

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