[rfc-i] Important: do not publish "draft-iab-streams-headers-boilerplates-08" as is!

Russ Housley housley at vigilsec.com
Tue Dec 22 12:08:32 PST 2009


I agree with Birain's assessment. The RFC Editor can handle this 
issue without delaying publication of the document.


At 02:39 PM 12/22/2009, Dave CROCKER wrote:
>This seems worth being a bit pedantic about, to make sure we all 
>share the same
>understanding:  I take your interpretation to mean that the RFC 
>Editor can, on
>their own initiative, fix the problem(s) that Julan has raised and 
>that it does
>not require changes to the about-to-be-published document.
>Is that correct?  Do others agree?  (I hope so.)
>On 12/22/2009 11:23 AM, Brian E Carpenter wrote:
> >> FWIW, the document allows the RFC editor  some headway in 
> maintaining the language in the style guide.
> > For now, there are indeed weasel words such as:
> >    "However, this is not
> >     intended to specify a single, static format.  Details of formatting
> >     are decided by the RFC Editor."
> >
> >    "These paragraphs will need to be
> >     defined and maintained as part of RFC stream definitions.  Initial
> >     text, for current streams, is provided below."
> >
> > I think this gives the RSE, in conjunction with the tools maintainers,
> > reasonable flexibility.
>    Dave Crocker
>    Brandenburg InternetWorking
>    bbiw.net
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