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Joe Touch touch at ISI.EDU
Mon Oct 20 07:17:01 PDT 2008

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Julian Reschke wrote:
> Joe Touch wrote:
>>> Joe,
>>> it would be useful if you could point out which of my observations you
>>> think are self-contradictory.
>>> At least to me it's not clear at all from what you quoted from my
>>> summary.
>> Hi, Julian,
>> The contradiction was clear in the text I quoted:
>> 1) "nobody has made a competing proposal based on text/plain that would
>> work better"
>> 2) a list of examples where text/plain works better
> Ah.
> So you consider the current state of things the "competing proposal".
> That was not clear to me :-).
> So what I *meant* was a competing proposal that achieves the same goal
> (allowing non-ASCII characters in certain places in the RFC).

OK - here goes:

Allow UTF-8 only where internationalized text examples are REQUIRED. Two
versions of such documents would be provided, where the UTF-8 would be
the reference version, and an ASCII equivalent with suitable notes about
excluded material would also be made available as a supplemental.

This would avoid the need to change all RFCs to support a feature needed
by only a few.


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