[rfc-i] Data point [Re: Fwd:I-D ACTION:draft-hoffman-utf8-rfcs-03.txt]

Henrik Levkowetz henrik at levkowetz.com
Wed Oct 8 09:18:45 PDT 2008

Hi Joe,

On 2008-10-08 17:49 Joe Touch said the following:

> Sorry - I thought the generation was dynamic for the following:
> http://tools.ietf.org/rfcmarkup?rfc=793
> Is that not the case?

Yes, that URL gives dynamically generated content; the usual rfc793 URL (below)

>> I could just as well have taken the RFC you randomly chose, and asked people to
>> check that, of course; and since you tested that particular one, I've now had
>> that one re-generated too.  Please check it again at this URL:
>>    http://tools.ietf.org/html/rfc793
> This fails the same way as the URL I used above.

Ah. Thank you. Which version of IE are you using?  Julian, possibly with a
different version of IE, reported the changed markup as working.  FWIW, I've
now also had an opportunity of testing the latest markup with with IE 5.2
on OS-X, and it does work there (I just checked RFC 793 with it).  So knowing
both the IE version which the new markup fails on, and more particulars about
how it fails would be valuable.


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