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Joe Touch touch at ISI.EDU
Tue Oct 7 13:46:37 PDT 2008

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Julian Reschke wrote:
> Joe Touch wrote:
>> What I cannot do is open a .utf8 file and have it work.
> I'm sure you could if the right piece of (free) software is installed.

If you're sure, please tell me which one it is.

Positing it is *insufficient*.

> Out of curiosity: do you have a different proposal; or do you prefer not
> to try to solve the I18N issue?

I would be glad to solve whatever issue du jour we have - whether it is
the inability to draw complex figures in ASCII art, or express people's
native names and addresses - provided we aren't giving up too much, and
providing we have some reasonable confidence that the result will be
ubiquitously read/printed in its native format. I'd like to have more
than one way to write them, too.

Until those conditions are met - and I don't think they are here - I
don't think we have a way forward.

>>> I just tried it and it didn't work for me. Maybe my printing defaults
>>> are different -- the default layout I get is to narrow (lines break that
>>> shouldn't) and not long enough (footers appear on the next side).
>> Setup the page for letter (i.e., US letter). That might be the issue.
> Tried it, and still didn't work. Margins still too wide.

1.25 left and right, 1 top and bottom (all inches).

I'm guessing you changed your defaults. This has worked for me on
several generations of Windows, and on every guest computer I've ever used.

> If the whole discussion has proved anything is that even with plain
> ASCII, it's absolutely non-trivial to print out RFCs nowadays. I don't
> think that's a problem. But we *can* give people instructions that solve
> the issue without any local requirements except for a relatively recent
> browser, and I think that's totally sufficient.

Even if that were true - and it isn't - I don't think it's sufficient.

It's not true because you need to give me *code*, not just instructions
- - again, that's OK to write RFCs, but not to read/print them.

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