[rfc-i] Data point [Re: Fwd:I-D ACTION:draft-hoffman-utf8-rfcs-03.txt]

Julian Reschke julian.reschke at gmx.de
Tue Oct 7 09:36:25 PDT 2008

Joe Touch wrote:
> Julian Reschke wrote:
> ...
>> At this point I'm really not sure what your point is.
>> - LF as a line separator is a problem in Windows? Agreed.
>> - It's hard to enter formfeed characters in Windows editors? Agreed.
>> But this applies to both ASCII and UTF-8.
>> (These problems go away as soon as the author chooses one of the tools
>> we have for the job)
> Sure. *IF* we have those tools.
> Understood that right now I have different tools for writing (Word),
> reading (Wordpad), and printing (Wordpad).
> The trick with UTF-8 is I have not identified a tool for writing them
> (other than editing source [xml2rfc] - which is nearly as antiquated as
> ASCII). I have not identified a tool for printing them that preserves

Actually, xml2rfc works very well. I guess it's a matter of taste.

You're the expect on Word (here). Are you saying that you can use it to 
generate ASCII, but not UTF-8?

> page boundaries.

Navigate to tools.ietf.org, and print the HTML version from a browser.

> Those two seem like showstoppers.

I still don't understand how the problems you reported are different for 

BR, Julian

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