[rfc-i] Data point [Re: Fwd:I-D ACTION:draft-hoffman-utf8-rfcs-03.txt]

Julian Reschke julian.reschke at gmx.de
Tue Oct 7 07:43:10 PDT 2008

Joe Touch wrote:
> Sorry - yes, that's where I was going. FF isn't UTF-8. If I can dump
> UTF-8 to a printer, I definitely can't put an FF in whatever that dump is.
> So UTF-8 is modern, and FF is outdated. So how do we maintain page
> boundaries in our output other than using PDF/PS?
> I.e., we have some requirements, but it seems like page boundary
> maintenance is getting tossed out the window...
> Joe


is it possible that you're confusing the form feed character (code point 
12) with the Unicode character that has the code point hex FF?

We're talking about the former, not the latter.

BR, Julian

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