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Joe Touch touch at ISI.EDU
Tue Oct 7 06:56:59 PDT 2008

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Martin Duerst wrote:
> Hello Joe,
> I'm confused. I don't think Paul's example document uses anything
> other than ASCII FFs. There is no character in Unicode (other than
> "ASCII FF") with a sematics or usage that gets close to FF.
> (The reason for this is that with today's hardware, software, and
> document architectures, FF is in many ways really quite outdated.)
> So are you saying that we have software that understands FF,
> and software that understands (non-ASCII) UTF-8, but that the
> intersection of these two is empty?

Sorry - yes, that's where I was going. FF isn't UTF-8. If I can dump
UTF-8 to a printer, I definitely can't put an FF in whatever that dump is.

So UTF-8 is modern, and FF is outdated. So how do we maintain page
boundaries in our output other than using PDF/PS?

I.e., we have some requirements, but it seems like page boundary
maintenance is getting tossed out the window...


> At 14:49 08/10/07, Joe Touch wrote:
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>> This conversation convinces me that - as with the US election debates -
>> people see what they already believe.
>> Dave and I see that tools we expect to work and use daily fail on UTF-8.
>> You see tools you expect to work and use daily succeed on UTF-8.
>> At some point, if a change is made, everyone is going to have to go
>> around debugging everything, which is admittedly what we continue to do
>> for things we need to work (e.g., formfeed).
>> I can see some workarounds for various things, and some things won't
>> work anymore, period. Most of this we can eventually adapt to.
>> The key missing component appears to be formfeed, though. We have extant
>> examples of ways to print RFCs that understand FFs. Does anyone have one
>> that understands unicode FFs? And if we don't, is there a path forward?
>> (yes, I can generate them in Wordpad, but it doesn't interpret them
>> correctly, like it does with ASCII FFs - which can be seen in print preview)
>> Joe
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