[rfc-i] Data point [Re: Fwd: I-D ACTION:draft-hoffman-utf8-rfcs-03.txt]

Paul Hoffman paul.hoffman at vpnc.org
Mon Oct 6 20:07:08 PDT 2008

At 5:01 PM -0700 10/6/08, Dave CROCKER wrote:
>By my reading of your results, your test demonstrates that raw UTF-8 produces
>unpredictable and/or undesirable outcomes with common tools.
>Hence it fails the requirement.

To which "the requirement" are you referring? We explicitly did not put any requirements in our document because no such requirements appear in RFC 2223. Our document proposes a change in the encoding, *not* a change in the requirements for the RFC series.

Personally, my requirement is that RFCs be the most useful to the largest of the intended audiences, namely implementers and operators. "Wordpad didn't open it correctly" or "copy-and-paste to Wordpad didn't work correctly" are orthogonal to that requirement, in my mind, just as is "Wordpad printing current RFCs on my printer didn't paginate them correctly". But, again, that's a personal prefernce, not one I would want to impose on the IETF given the lack of requirements for the RFC series.

--Paul Hoffman, Director
--VPN Consortium

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