[rfc-i] Byte order marks

Tony Hansen tony at att.com
Wed Nov 5 20:11:24 PST 2008

Yeah, my further tests indicate it's still not so easy, even with the
.utf8 extension. Under Windows XP, the best combination I found was to
associate .utf8 with Microsoft Word. Word looks at the file, decides
that it's text, and asks you what the character set encoding is. Picking
Unicode UTF-8, it opens the file without the BOM just fine, preserving
page breaks and everything. Similarly when you write the file out, it
will ask you for the character set.

	Tony Hansen
	tony at att.com

PS. If you have problems associating the file extension with a
particular program, I can help with that off line.

Julian Reschke wrote:
> Tony Hansen wrote:
>> With the type being specified by the .utf8 extension, we could avoid the
>> need for a BOM.
> Really?
> How do I tell Windows that a .utf8 file is a text file, encoded in UTF-8?
> BR, Julian

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