[rfc-i] Draft RFC Editor Services RFI for Community Input

Ray Pelletier rpelletier at isoc.org
Mon Dec 15 18:23:57 PST 2008


In 2009 the IETF Administrative Oversight Committee (IAOC) plans to  
issue a Request for Information (RFI) and a Request for Proposal (RFP)  
for the performance of the RFC Editor functions beginning in 2010.   
The incumbent has advised that they do not intend to respond to the  
RFP.  At the request of the  IAOC, the RFC Editor Selection Oversight  
Subcommittee is issuing a draft RFI for community comment.  The draft  
is located at: http://iaoc.ietf.org/rfpsrfis.html

The purpose of the RFI itself is to identify potential contractors to  
provide the RFC Editor services and to obtain feedback from  
contractors and the broader Internet community on the implementation  
of the new RFC services model.

The RFC Editor provides editing, publishing and archiving services for  
the RFC series on behalf of the IETF and the broader Internet community.

The Internet Architecture Board (IAB) has described the RFC Editor  
services, which includes four functions.  Following this structure  
could result in four vendors providing services that are currently  
provided by one vendor, or fewer than four vendors depending on input  
received from the RFI as to how the functions might be combined for  
the efficient delivery of professional, quality services.

The overall RFC Editor function is described in RFC 4844. and the  
model for the RFC Editor structure is described in <draft-iab-rfc- 
editor-model>.  The model is intended to increase flexibility and  
operational support options, provide for the orderly succession of the  
RFC Editor, and ensure the continuity of the RFC series, while  
maintaining RFC quality, maintaining timely processing, ensuring  
document accessibility, reducing costs, and increasing cost  

The four RFC Editor functions in brief:

1.	The RFC Series Editor (RSE) is responsible for overseeing the  
consistency and quality of the RFC Series;
2.	The Independent Submissions Editor (ISE) is responsible for  
managing the independent submissions stream to the RFC series;
3.	The RFC Production Center is responsible for the editing of  
documents consistent with the RFC Style Manual; and
4.	The RFC Publisher is responsible for publishing and maintaining an  
archive of the RFC Series and its associated Errata.

Community comment is due no later than January 7, 2009 to rfc-editor-rfi at isoc.org 

All information submitted in response to this announcement is  
voluntary and may be used in the development of the RFI and subsequent  

Thanks for your continuing advice and support.

Ray Pelletier
IETF Administrative Director

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