[rfc-i] Can someone help this person?

Jeroen Massar jeroen at unfix.org
Tue Sep 5 14:51:52 PDT 2006

Alexey Boev wrote:

>  Can I ask some questions about RFC?
> Can you help me or provide contacts of someone who can help me?r
> I read an article on RFC 2392 (http://www.rfc-editor.org/rfc/rfc2392.txt)
> and have some questions. I need to build some pictures directly into
> html-file and to read it with MSIE. Can I use content-id or message-id for
> this? I know that data URI scheme (RFC 2397) does not supported in MSIE and
> I don't know how to do it. Can you show me an example of html if it's
> possible to do it in any manner?

RFC2392 is meant for MIME content, as thus email and not for HTML.
You might be able to serve a MIME file to MSIE and hoping it renders it, 
but that is it. One can use the example from 2392 and put that in an 
email, which will work for clients like Outlook Express etc.
For HTML files served over HTTP there is no use though. And MSIE (MS 
Internet Explorer) is a HTTP/web client not a Mail client. Outlook 
Express is the component which handles MIME content which comes in email.

Or short: MSIE, nor any other webclient supports RFC 2392, and there is 
also no need for them to do so. Mailclients do support it, the examples 
of which are in the RFC.

If you actually meant Outlook Express and other such mail clients, then 
you will have to write a *RAW* email file to actually use this, cut & 
pasting the example into Outlook Express doesn't work. Read the various 
MIME and SMTP RFC's to understand how to do it o simply send an 
html-inlined email with the pictures.

One concern here though is that the only real usage for cid: style 
addresses seems to be spam related, I surely hope you are not looking 
for some new form to do that. Thus unless you are writing your own email 
client, this all has not much sense do be even looking at. HTML email is 
anyway something which should have never seen the daylight. Long live 
Spam Assassin ;)


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