[rfc-i] Joyce Reynolds graduates from USC/ISI

Bob Braden braden at ISI.EDU
Tue Oct 10 16:04:07 PDT 2006

To those interested in the RFC Editor:

The RFC Editor is saddened by the imminent departure of Joyce Reynolds
from the RFC Editor staff.  She is leaving ISI to take on a new and
challenging job assignment elsewhere.  The brass ring came by, and she
grabbed it!

Over many years, Joyce has made major contributions to the IANA, to the
RFC Editor, and to the IETF.

She worked with Jon Postel to perform the IANA functions, leaving
her name on many related RFCs.  She was IANA liaison to the IESG
1998-2001 and consulted with IANA after they separated from ISI.
She played a key early role in shaping the protocol parameter
registration function.

Joyce has been a member of the IETF since 1988.  She developed,
organized, and led the User Services area of the IETF from 1988-1998,
and was thus an IESG member.  In her User Services role, she was an
international keynote speakder and panelist in over 90 conferences
around the world, spreading the word on the Internet.  She established
the user-service oriented document subseries of RFCs, the FYIs.
She worked with Jon on documenting a number of protocol specifications,
including POP, FTP, and Telnet Options.

For a number of years, Joyce worked with Jon Postel on editing RFCs.
Since 1998, she has been co-leader of the RFC Editor function, and she
performed the final quality control function on most RFC publications.
She also served as RFC Editor liaison to the IAB and to the IESG.  Her
knowledge of the IETF process and community and her good judgment were
immensely helpful, and we will miss her help and advice a great deal.

We expect that Joyce will still have a presence in the IETF, but she
will be much missed at ISI!  I know that Jon Postel joins us in
wishing her the very best future in her new job.

Bob Braden for the RFC Editor

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