[rfc-i] Re: troff/nroff macros for RFCs and I-Ds

Bruce Lilly blilly at erols.com
Sun Jan 30 13:41:22 PST 2005

>  Date: 2005-01-29 15:13
>  From: Bill Fenner <fenner at research.att.com>
> My main desire for outputting postscript was to have a more readable
> form - see, for example, draft-ietf-pim-sm-v2-new-11.ps .  My macros
> were intended to make it easy to create a nicely rendered typeset
> version but permit generation of an ASCII version that doesn't lose
> anything.

There are several problems with mismatched ps/txt. I've already
discussed some of them.  Another is that widow/orphan control becomes
more difficult when the two formats don't match. Orphans can be
managed to some extent with .ne directives, but widows are difficult
to manage unless one wants to put all text into diversions.  Usually
widows are handled manually, and with two formats, that means twice
as much manual effort.

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