[rfc-i] Re: troff/nroff macros for RFCs and I-Ds

Bruce Lilly blilly at erols.com
Sat Jan 29 10:22:49 PST 2005

On Sat January 22 2005 15:34, I wrote:

> I have a set of macros that I've been using for a short time,
> but they are not groff-specific, and a single pass is all that's
> required (I do have some postprocessing scripts to repaginate
> so that the TOC emitted at the end is put in the correct
> place).  Would the RFC Editor be interested in making a set of
> RFC/I-D-specific macros available to authors? [I can put
> together an I-D describing use of the macros].

I have submitted an Internet-Draft.  Pending processing by the
IETF Secretariat, it and the macros are available at

I'm looking for several types of feedback (here on the rfc-interest
mailing list or off-list):

from authors:

  1. is the description in the draft coupled with CSTR 54 (as CSTR
     54 is readily available, I do not intend to rehash material
     covered by it) adequate?

  2. is the set of features sufficient?

from the RFC Editor:

  1. are the RFC-Editor-specific features useful and adequate?

  2. boilerplate is contained in the macro package, which is
     also commented to indicate the source of boilerplate and
     formatting parameters, as well as functions of macros, strings,
     and registers used.  Is this something that the RFC Editor
     would be able to maintain?

  3. any specific tweaks to formatting...

from procedural experts:

  1. Is there any reason not to pursue this as an Informational
     RFC via IETF channels?  If not, what AD would something like
     this fall under? [I would prefer not to submit it as an
     "independent" submission to the RFC Editor outside of the
     IETF, as it would then contain an IESG Note disclaiming
     suitability for any purpose, which is likely to put off
     potential authors who might otherwise use it.]

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