[rfc-i] draft-rfc-editor-rfc2223bis-08.txt

Bruce Lilly blilly at erols.com
Tue Jan 25 12:30:10 PST 2005

> [rfc-i] draft-rfc-editor-rfc2223bis-08.txt
>  From: Bob Braden <>

> We have just submitted a new Internet Draft that is an update to the
> replacement for RFC 2223, Instructions to RFC Authors.

Page 33 (near the bottom) gives a version of the full copyright
text which contains " and at www.rfc-editor.org" to be used for
individual submissions -- that added text being the sole difference
from the usual full copyright boilerplate.

Henrik Levkowetz' idnits program does not recognize that variant
of the copyright text, and apparently the IETF Secretariat is
rejecting (individual submission) drafts with the recommended

Has the RFC Editor coordinated with the IETF Secretariat and
with Henrik regarding the copyright boilerplate?

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