[rfc-i] troff/nroff macros for RFCs and I-Ds

Bruce Lilly blilly at erols.com
Sat Jan 22 12:34:01 PST 2005

> [rfc-i] Re: [xml2rfc] request to deprecate numeric citations in xml2rfc
>  Date: 2005-01-12 11:48
>  From: Bill Fenner <fenner at research.att.com>
>  To: brc at zurich.ibm.com
>  CC: rfc-interest at rfc-editor.org, falk at isi.edu, xml2rfc at lists.xml.resource.org, rfc-editor at rfc-editor.org
> I have a set of nroff macros that I've been using for a long time
> that require groff and either 2 or 3 passes, but generate a ToC and
> cross-references automatically within nroff.

I have a set of macros that I've been using for a short time,
but they are not groff-specific, and a single pass is all that's
required (I do have some postprocessing scripts to repaginate
so that the TOC emitted at the end is put in the correct
place).  Would the RFC Editor be interested in making a set of
RFC/I-D-specific macros available to authors? [I can put
together an I-D describing use of the macros].

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